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EU Sentence, Giorgio Pagano: Politics pay, say no to collaboration.


[fimg=left][/fimg] EU Sentence, Giorgio Pagano: "Politics pay, say no to collaboration."

" The EU Court's cancellation of the bando (announcement), published only in three languages on Italy's request, proves which political language pays the price, in

comparison to the collaborationists' complaints which in the end led to the re-inforced co-operation for an sole patent." So states Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Radical

Association "Esperanto."
" There's no reason why one of the greatest member states and founders of the EU shouldn't respect its own language and its own culturem which infact is guaranteed when a

decision to value the right of linguistic democracy is made," he continues. " Of course, one must keep in mind that it's nto possible to communicate in 23 languages: so why doesn't

the italian goverment promote the bipartisan Esperanto solution at put an end to all linguistic discrimination, and stop the submission to English as if Italy were an anglo-american

colony," Pagano concludes.

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