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Melandri at the Maxxi, begins already badly if her reference is the Tate Modern.

Foto Mauro Scrobogna /LaPresse 23-10-2012 Roma Politica Ministero beni culturali - museo Maxxi Nella foto: Giovanna Melandri, prossimo Presidente della Fondazione MAXXI Photo Mauro Scrobogna /LaPresse 23-10-2012 Rome Politics Ministy of Heritage - Maxxi museum In the picture: Giovanna Melandri, President of MAXXI foundation

Melandri at the Maxxi, Pagano (Radicals/ERA) begins already badly if her reference is the Tate Modern.

“The story of her direction begins already badly if the ideal Melandri’s reference for the Maxxi is the Tate Modern rather than the New Uffizi of contemporary European Art” – said Giorgio Pagano, in addition to being the Secretary of Esperanto Radical Association he is also an Transavantgarde and Nuovi-Nuovi artist, and he is a proponent of the definition of “social sculpture”.
“In Europe artists are tired and disgusted of too many decades of Anglo-American art and culture supported by the CIA or the Services of Her Majesty, and is enough to read The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters  by Saunders or Il Golpe Inglese by Cereghino and Fasanella to know a little the initiatives about corruption of individual thought and Italian collective, and not only “- continues Pagano.
“For this reason I should like to remind the words of Lucio Fontana who said: “But you see, how are we reduced now? All the products are suggested by Americans. If I say that I made neon, the man who is making the neon now says that I am a product of Americans. And they will never accept that you made the neon twenty years ago. Pollock is contemporaneous with me, he sells paintings at one hundred, two hundred million. He has paintings of 1952, 1953 smeared with color while I have these paintings already with holes… My discovery is much more important than that one of Pollock. It is much more important than my discovery that one of Pollock. Since we don’t have their billions to make promotion we are a by-product of Americans and the cold art with Manzoni style have not reached yet as a gesture of freedom, in this way. In the future I would like to do an international conference and I should bring thirty, forty years of painting up to date to show to Americans they aren’t precursors of European Art nowadays as they say Europe is over. I assure you that I’ll stand rooted to the spot.
So Melandri should start from Fontana and her first step should be the one declared by the great Italian artist to Carla Lonzi in the 60’s: an international conference that bring over eighty years to up to date and show to American they aren’t precursor of European art as they say Europe is over, said the Secretary of ERA.